Sunday, October 16, 2011

Boyfriend, Dog and I

Boyfriend, Dog and I move to Adelaide. It is afternoon. We decide to take Dog for a walk around the neighbourhood. Dog is very excited. He sniffs and marks his territory every few metres. He pulls on his leash and drags us forward. I wonder who is walking whom.

We walk around the block, then cross the road to explore another street. Dog sniffs and wees. I am amazed at how much wee the little bugger can produce. We come to a house with a low front fence. Dog sniffs and wees. The Alsatian inside the house takes umbrage at this and barks aggressively. Boyfriend and I try to lead Dog away. Dog ignores us. He continues to sniff the fence. Alsatian crashes through the front door of the house and races to the fence. For a brief moment I think the Alsation will leap over the fence and attack Dog. Alsation stops at the gate and barks aggresively at Dog. Dog lifts his leg and wees on the Alsatian’s head. Dog is proud of himself. Boyfriend and I are mortified. He moves on to the next house.

1 comment:

  1. Occasionally I dog sit my daughter's dog. A similar situation occurs. The walking dog is king regardless of size whilst those trapped in gardens are frustrated and powerless, barking impotently. Loved the scenario and welcome to Adelaide!