Sunday, October 2, 2011

In high demand

Boyfriend and I are sitting down to dinner. Dog is snoring in front of the french doors.
"How was the marine mammal workshop?" I ask Boyfriend.
"It was great. I missed you though," he replies, reaching for my hand.
"That's so sweet. I misssed you too," I say blowing him a kiss.
"I thought about you, but there was this pretty chick in the group. So I didn't think about you for long," he adds laughing. I flick a pea at him. It misses and lands in front of Dog. Dog wakes up and sniffs the pea. Dog hates peas. He resumes snoring.
"You really need to buy me a ring," Boyfriend informs me.
"Why?" I ask.
"I'm surrounded by all these women who want a piece of me. I'm in high demand you know."
It's my turn to laugh.
"I'm serious. You're marrying a very handsome man. I've got to let these women know that I'm spoken for."
I laugh even harder.
Boyfriend turns to Dog, "I think she loves me," he says.

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