Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hot chocolate

Boyfriend and I are sitting in a cafe.
"Tonight I want some time to myself," he informs me.
"Okay. You going to play WoW again?" I ask.
"Yeah, I need to relax."
I raise my eyebrows in response.
"Is that why you scream at the computer all the time?"
"It's how I relax," he says poking his tongue out. "I really need some 'me' time," he adds.
"You know you could have gone to the doctor's yourself."
"I wanted to spend some time with you today."
I raise my eyebrows again. Sometimes I wonder if we're speaking the same language.

The waiter returns with our order. I look down at the hot chocolate placed in front of me and wonder what possessed me to order it. I take a cautious sip and push the mug towards Boyfriend. Boyfriend is not impressed.
"You know you don't like hot chocolate. Why do you keep on ordering it?"
"I felt like it," I reply. "One of these days I'll finish one."
"One of these days, you'll realise it's a hopeless cause," Boyfriend mutters.
"They're always too sweet or too milky," I say in my defence.
"That's how they're supposed to be. It's HOT CHOCOLATE," Boyfriend says.
Boyfriend sighs and passes me his cup of tea. I take a sip and smile beautifically up at him.
"We work well as a team," I say.
"Go team," he mutters, taking a sip of hot chocolate.

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